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Each day, 800 women and 8,000 newborns die because they lack access to basic healthcare services, like a trained professional and a clean facility. These deaths are nearly entirely preventable. Through Kangu, you can connect with and support a pregnant woman's healthcare costs so she and her baby can survive and thrive.

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How it Works


Meet a Mama.

Meet pregnant moms from around the world who need healthcare services.


Donate to support her care.

Donate $10 or more to fund healthcare for mom and baby, and become a part of her birth story.


Receive an update.

We'll email you an update from our on-the-ground medical partners after the birth.


These are the proven life-changing and life-saving services our vetted medical partners provide.

Select a service to learn more…

What is Kangu?

Kangu is an online crowdfunding platform for safe births where you can fund a specific pregnant woman’s access to healthcare services. “Crowdfunding” refers to technology that enables many individuals to come together to jointly fund something they all believe in. “Safe birth” services refer to healthcare services (before, during and after delivery) that have been proven to save the lives of pregnant women and newborn babies.

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Why does Kangu exist?

Kangu is the first funding platform for pregnant women and newborns, and those that support them across the world. A quarter of a million women die each year giving birth. For each death, 20 more women are injured or disabled. Fortunately, nearly all of these deaths can be averted with access to basic health services and emergency care. More than 95% of women who die in childbirth are from developing countries, meaning where you are born determines your chance of surviving your pregnancy. Kangu wants to change this.

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What does Kangu mean?

Kangu is meant to evoke a kangaroo, an animal whose young is carried, warm and protected, in its mother’s pouch. For us, it evokes the feeling of holding your baby close to you and that deep feeling of gratitude that both you and your baby are safe.

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Who are the Kangu Mamas and how are they chosen?

A Kangu Mama is a woman who has agreed to be profiled on Kangu’s website. Some live in dense urban areas; others live in remote rural areas. They are all living beneath the poverty line in their country, sheltering, clothing and feeding their family on less than $2 per day. What Kangu Mamas have in common beyond their inability to pay for healthcare services is the desire for a safe birth and a healthy baby.

Kangu Partners choose pregnant women to profile on Kangu using their own internal metrics to identify women living under the poverty line who do not have the ability to pay for healthcare services. Often, partners rely on community health workers who understand the local context and can best identify pregnant women in financial need.

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What is a Kangu Partner?

A Kangu Partner is a hospital or clinic that provides high-quality health services to under-served, high-risk patients. In the process of vetting our partners, we have been struck by the heroic work they do and their commitment to reduce suffering and save lives of moms and babies every day. Kangu vets partners through a process that considers legal, clinical, financial, operational and ethical criteria. Our partners are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations and as such are subject to the tax-exempt rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. All partners have received funds from other international institutions and are obligated to undergo ongoing due diligence, site visits and verifications.

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What type of care do Mamas receive? What are Safe Birth services?

“Safe birth” is a term used in global public health to include healthcare services that have been proven to reduce death and injury to a pregnant woman and her newborn baby. Safe birth services include: prenatal/antenatal care, skilled attendance at delivery, emergency obstetrics, postnatal care, diagnostics, and supplies - including family planning method of the mama's choice, if she so chooses. Kangu displays the services our Partners offer on each Partner’s page and each Mama’s page. Each partner calculates its average cost per Mama to determine the required funding amount per Mama profile.

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That’s a lot of services! Why is it so much less inexpensive than in the US?

Medical costs in other countries are significantly lower than they are in the US. In the US, the cost of a pregnancy and delivery range from $7,000 to $25,000 depending on the presence of complications. Our partners use low-cost solutions to provide care to their Mamas. The majority of complications can be prevented or treated with good prenatal care, skilled clinicians during birth, clean supplies and inexpensive medicines. By leveraging the internet, Kangu lets you directly support on-the-ground medical partners providing extremely cost-effective healthcare services.

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Why is the cost of a safe birth so different between Kangu partners?

Our partners are working in very different settings, in countries with vastly different costs of living. Thus, our partners operating in the most remote parts of low income countries will have lower operating, supplies and personnel costs, than those operating in an extremely poor neighborhood in an urban hub of a middle income country.

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What if a mama needs care before her profile is funded?

A mama may require services before her profile is fully funded. In line with their mission, our partners will provide healthcare services to their Mamas. Partners who offer services before a profile is funded assume the costs of those services until they receive raised funds from Kangu.

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How long does it take to receive a birth update after a mama has delivered?

Our partners focus their efforts on providing care for those most in need, and thus there may be a lag-time of a month or more before you receive a birth update on the mama you funded. Do not worry - a lack of a birth update a few weeks after a mama's due date is not a reflection of the mama and/or baby's health.

Make sure you check your spam folder! There may be a message from Kangu hiding in there.

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How does Kangu fund its programs?

Kangu funds its programs through individual donations, a transaction fee and institutional supporters. If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact us at

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How do the financial logistics work?

Kangu donors search profiles of Mamas on our website. A donor selects a Mama to fund and the transaction is securely processed through Stripe. After Kangu receives a birth update, Kangu transfers to our on-the-ground medical partners total funds raised.

85% of donations go straight to our partners on the ground. The remaining 15% covers transaction, and minimal program, costs necessary to vet high-quality, high-impact hospitals and clinics around the world.

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Is my financial information protected?

Absolutely! Kangu uses Stripe, respected internet financial services companies with the highest level of PCI compliance, to process all transactions in order to ensure that your information is secure. Kangu neither sees nor stores any of your credit card or financial information.

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How do I know my donation will be used as intended?

Kangu only partners with organizations that meet our application criteria, have a track record managing funds and come highly recommended. In addition, all of our healthcare providers are affiliated with US-based 501(c)(3) organizations that are subject to federal and state regulations. Once a Mama’s profile is posted on our site, our Partners are obligated to provide her safe birth services as well as provide one or more updates to Kangu and to each Mama's donors. Donors will receive these updates via email and can read them online. To ensure appropriate use of funds, Kangu transfers donations directly to the medical institutions providing the healthcare services, not to the Mama directly.

100% of donations made on our website go to programmatic costs. We cover operational costs through grants and generous individual donors.

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Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Kangu is a registered U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our EIN is 38 3889708.

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How do I know my donation was successful?

You will receive a confirmation email from after you successfully donate towards a Kangu mama's safe birth. Note that your donation will only go through if you click "Confirm Donation" on the mama's donation page.

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Why haven't I received an email from Kangu?

Make sure you check your spam folder! You should receive an email from Kangu after creating your user profile, anytime you make a donation, and when we receive a birth update from our partner for a mama you helped fund.

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How can I get involved?

If your organization is interested in being a partner, email for more information on our application process. If you are interested in getting involved or are moved by our mission, please drop us a line at

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Email Support

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