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Cost of Safe Birth
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Dec 17, 2015
Carolyne is a 27-year-old mother of two children. She dropped out of school after 8th grade because of the death of her parents and the lack of the ability to cover school fees. Carolyne’s family depends on the income her husband brings in by mining for gold at a small mine in the community. She enjoys playing volleyball and soccer. Her friends describe Carolyne as a strong woman because she is always smiling, even when she’s feeling down. She knows that the baby will bring happiness to the entire family.

Updates on Carolyne

Dec 8, 2015

Carolyne is grateful for the support by the Kangu towards her safe delivery. She hope to raise her baby girl, Jessica Anyango Mito and become a nurse. She still visits the clinics as she used to do.

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May 1, 2015

Carolyne has been added by Lwala Community Alliance

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Lwala Community Alliance

Healthcare Provider for Carolyne

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