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Oct 19, 2015
This will be Sarmila’s second child. Her first child is 2 years old and is already a handful. “I want a girl this time. I think girls are normally more well-behaved than boys. My house will be chaotic if this baby is a boy too,” Sarmila laughingly said. She is currently sewing newborn clothes during her spare time. There is some discomfort in her body right now, such as dizziness and backaches. She is hoping drinking a lot of water and taking rest between household chores will help her feel better.

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 Oct 29, 2015 
Sarmila gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Nirvan on 29th October. The baby does not cry much, sleeps through the night and loves drinking milk. They baby has received all vaccinations till date.

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 May 1, 2015 
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