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Thank you, Agness has reached her due date!

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Due Date
Jul 28, 2016
Agnes is the mother of 2 children and lives with her husband. They farm and raise chickens for food and to make money. She is hoping for a baby girl who she will name after her aunt Anayo Gloria. She sends her sincere gratitude to everyone who donates.

Updates on Agness

Jun 5, 2016

Agness is touched by giving birth to a healthy baby boy, that though she wanted a girl, she says Gods ways are not humans ways. She loves her baby dearly.

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Jun 10, 2016

Agness has been added by Teso Safe Motherhood Project

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Teso Safe Motherhood Project

Healthcare Provider for Agness

Based in Soroti, Uganda, the Teso Safe Motherhood Project (TSMP) administers a maternity center which serves thousands of people who were displaced by a brutal civil war. These internally displaced persons, IDPs, have moved through squalid camps and are rebuilding their lives after losing nearly ...
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