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Thank you, Lucy has reached her due date!

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Feb 26, 2017
Lucy is mother from Mfangano island. She grows and sells vegetables, and her husband is a farmer rearing sheep and chicken. They pray to have a baby girl named Jane, after their neighbor’s youngest daughter. Throughout this pregnancy, Lucy has craved mangoes and sweet potatoes! Her family is so thankful to have access to a safe delivery. She loves her community health worker, and she hopes that her baby will become a nurse. Lucy is excited to partner with you to bring home a healthy baby!

Updates on Lucy

Feb 11, 2017

Lucy delivered Veronica Anyango Otieno, a healthy girl! Lucy is grateful to have received excellent care from the hospital, and she is determined to support Veronica's education through University.

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Nov 27, 2016

Lucy has been added by Lwala Community Alliance

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Lwala Community Alliance

Healthcare Provider for Lucy

Lwala Community Alliance (Lwala) is a community-led innovator serving 30,000 people in rural western Kenya. Lwala partners with communities to source, measure, and share bottom-up innovations. Lwala is building an evidence base proving that local solutions are uniquely positioned to transform hea...
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