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May 25, 2017
Mary is a mother to three children. Within her community, she is known as an outgoing and caring friend. In her free time, Mary loves to sing and spend time with her loved ones. To support their family, her husband works in Nairobi as a welder, and Mary works in a garden at home, growing many vegetables. Throughout this pregnancy, she has craved unripe mangoes and loves to eat fresh produce from her garden. Join Mary and her family in welcoming home their new bundle of joy!

Updates on Mary

May 13, 2017

Mary delivered a baby girl! She named her Scholar Adhiambo, signifying a prosperous academic career. Mary hopes to advocate for girls empowerment and prays that Scholar will become a future professor!

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Mar 30, 2017

Mary has been added by Lwala Community Alliance

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Lwala Community Alliance

Healthcare Provider for Mary

Lwala Community Alliance (Lwala) is a community-led innovator serving 30,000 people in rural western Kenya. Lwala partners with communities to source, measure, and share bottom-up innovations. Lwala is building an evidence base proving that local solutions are uniquely positioned to transform hea...
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