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Jun 25, 2017
Jane is a mother of two school-aged children. She comes from a large family, and she is so excited to expand her own! Jane is married to a farmer, who makes and sells jaggery, a processed form of sugarcane. During this pregnancy, Jane has enjoyed eating vegetables and mutton with spices. She says, "It is healthy to deliver in the safe hands (of skilled professionals) where the mother and the baby can be easily helped in case of any complication during delivery." Partner with Jane and her family!

Updates on Jane

Jun 27, 2017

Jane delivered Risper, a healthy baby girl! Friends and family eagerly welcomed them home with a large meal. Jane is very happy that her family has grown, and she prays Risper will become a doctor!

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Apr 18, 2017

Jane has been added by Lwala Community Alliance

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Lwala Community Alliance

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