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Thank you, Grace has reached her due date!

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Jun 28, 2017
Grace is a mother of one child and was born in Uyoma village. In her free time, Grace loves going to church with her family, playing basketball, and spending time with her child and her husband. During this pregnancy, she enjoys eating anything sour, which seems to prevent nausea. Grace is married to a hard-working mechanic. They also rent land for a sugarcane plantation, saving all money for education fees and other essential needs. Partner with Grace to help welcome home her second child!

Updates on Grace

Jul 21, 2017

After her 4 ANC visits, Grace safely delivered her lovely daughter Brenda. Both are doing well. Grace is back into her daily activities; planting and weeding her kitchen garden.

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May 5, 2017

Grace has been added by Lwala Community Alliance

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Lwala Community Alliance

Healthcare Provider for Grace

Lwala Community Alliance (Lwala) is a community-led innovator serving 30,000 people in rural western Kenya. Lwala partners with communities to source, measure, and share bottom-up innovations. Lwala is building an evidence base proving that local solutions are uniquely positioned to transform hea...
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