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Dec 10, 2017
Florence came at the facility with her lovely husband, who carried her on their bicycle. Their home is located close to Lake Kyoga where they take their goats to drink water and where they also fetch water for washing clothes. Their first born always goes to swim in the lake shores during the day. They plan to have only two children since they can not take care of many children. They wish their children to go to school to gain knowledge. Florence and her husband send the donors their blessings for helping them to have a safe pregnancy and delivery.

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Dec 23, 2017

Florence is happily enjoying being a mom fo a beautiful son who she is very proud of. His son is now in age to talk, play and interact with her. Florence feels very grateful for her donors.

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Sep 27, 2017

Florence has been added by Teso Safe Motherhood Project

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Teso Safe Motherhood Project

Healthcare Provider for Florence

Based in Soroti, Uganda, the Teso Safe Motherhood Project (TSMP) administers a maternity center which serves thousands of people who were displaced by a brutal civil war. These internally displaced persons, IDPs, have moved through squalid camps and are rebuilding their lives after losing nearly ...
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