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Feb 24, 2018
Susan and her husband Nathan have a six year old son, their first born. They are now coming at Teso Safe Motherhood for prenatal care for a new pregnancy. They live in a small farm where they raise sheep. They will be harvesting ground nuts (peanuts) for the second season this year. Their typical day starts by making their son's favorite breakfast - porridge, that Susan makes of maize flour and potatoes, both grown on their farm. Then Nathan takes him to school. He is a good student and he wants to become a doctor. Both Susan and Nathan are so grateful for the donors on Kangu and hope that this service will still help many mothers and babies in the future.

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Feb 10, 2018

Susan is very grateful to her donors who supported her during the pregnancy. She informs them that she managed to deliver a healthy baby boy. Both Susan and the baby are doing well. Susan sends Gods blessing upon the donors.

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Jan 24, 2018

Susan has been added by Teso Safe Motherhood Project

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Teso Safe Motherhood Project

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Based in Soroti, Uganda, the Teso Safe Motherhood Project (TSMP) administers a maternity center which serves thousands of people who were displaced by a brutal civil war. These internally displaced persons, IDPs, have moved through squalid camps and are rebuilding their lives after losing nearly ...
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