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Cost of Safe Birth
Due Date
Mar 4, 2018
Average donation is $51
Lydia and her husband are extremely excited about the coming baby whom they are expecting in March. Julius came with her wife Lydia for antenatal check-up. Lydia says she craves beans and bread made of cassava flour - her husband’s favorite is also beans. Once in a while they eat fish caught from lake Kyoga. Most of the garden work is done by her husband who uses oxen for ploughing while Lydia’s does weeding. They are very grateful to the donors for supporting moms in Uganda.

Teso Safe Motherhood Project

Healthcare Provider for Lydia

Based in Soroti, Uganda, the Teso Safe Motherhood Project (TSMP) administers a maternity center which serves thousands of people who were displaced by a brutal civil war. These internally displaced persons, IDPs, have moved through squalid camps and are rebuilding their lives after losing nearly ...
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