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Mar 25, 2015
Karla lives with her mom, younger brother and her aunt. After she gives birth and has some time with her baby, in 2016 she plans to begin studying as a chef. Karla is passionate about cooking and wants to work to give her baby everything it needs. She doesn't know the sex of her baby and hopes to know soon. What Karla wants most is a healthy baby and to have a safe birth. Her family gives her strength with their prayers.

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Mar 17, 2015

We thank God for the healthy birth conditions of our child, Rodrigo Eduardo, and hope he keeps growing in those conditions, and give him the best education so he will become a good man. I ask God to let me finish my studies so I will be able to grant him a better life, so he can graduate and become a professional. I thank the people who grant me their donations, God bless them all. And thanks to Kangu for all their support.

Karla and Rodrigo, Thank you so much.

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Feb 12, 2015

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