How It Works

1. You Fund a Mama for
$10 or more

Start by searching profiles of pregnant women (we call them Mamas) from around the world.


Find a Mama whose picture and story speaks to you, and connect to her by funding $10 or more of her safe birth services.


You'll receive updates on the Mama you funded and her baby, and you can see and connect with others who have funded the same Mama.

2. Mama Receives High-
Quality Healthcare

Kangu has vetted and approved experienced local medical partners - maternity hospitals and clinics - around the world.


Our medical partners offer high-quality healthcare services to women who can't afford them, including prenatal care, delivery with a trained professional, emergency obstetric care, postnatal care, clean supplies, medications (like for malaria, HIV/AIDS, infections), and newborn and child immunizations.


Mamas profiled on Kangu receive access to clean, well-equipped facilities and caring, skilled staff.

3. Safe Birth for Mama &
Her Baby

While the numbers are bleak - on the continent of Africa, for example, a woman has a 1 in 39 chance of not surviving a pregnancy - the opportunity to make an impact is real.


Up to 90% of maternal mortality can be avoided if a woman is given access to the basic healthcare services our partners offer.


Together, we can give Mamas and their babies around the world access to life-saving healthcare services.