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La Asociación Pro Bienestar de la Familia de Guatemala – APROFAM, is a non-profit, private institution in Guatemala. APROFAM has the highest quality of services and programs of any civil society organization in the country. For 5 decades APROFAM has focused on developing successful strategies for health and education, aimed at providing quality of life for Guatemalan families.

APROFAM focuses its work on vulnerable populations. APROFAM provides diversified services that enable cost recovery and cross subsidy for family planning services, thereby providing this care and access to services to people with limited resources and those that have difficulty accessing services across the country.

Since 1967, APROFAM has been a member of USAID – United States Agency for International’s American Development. Since 1969, APROFAM has been certified by IPPF – International Planned Parenthood Federation – making it the first IPPF-certified country in Latin America. The aim of the association with IPPF is to provide comprehensive and integrated health services, with quality and equity, and the priority on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

With financial assistance from national and international donors, as well as funds from patients for payment of services received at affordable prices from those that can afford to pay a small amount, APROFAM is able to deliver quality services in health education, Family Planning and Reproductive Health and Sexual Health for teens, young women and men in rural, urban and suburban areas and indigenous populations.

Among its greatest achievements are: solid infrastructure, a large conglomerate of services and programs, a team of 1,861 rural adult volunteers, around 600 youth volunteers and the support of allies to advance our volunteer’s and staff member’s work.

For 50 years APROFAM has been a pioneer in Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Guatemala, addressing issues that impact the most vulnerable populations. APROFAM works towards the reduction of maternal mortality, access to methods of family planning, teen pregnancy prevention, prevention and diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer, eradication of sexual violence, prevention of sexual transmitted infections – with emphasis on HIV, women’s empowerment and youth rights.

Over the past five decades APROFAM has delivered 18 million unique services, performed 3 million 500 thousand Pap tests, and provided more than 150 thousand educational services, for those in vulnerable situations, per year.

Today APROFAM serves the Guatemalan community through 10 hospitals, 27 clinics – one specialized for youth and adolescents – 19 clinical laboratories, 10 cytological laboratories, 26 pharmacies, 5 mobile units, and nearly 2,000 volunteers that act as health promoters and youthful strength for mobilizing political will for integrated sexual education.

All actions implemented over the past 50 years through today have included a component of respect for sexual and reproductive rights, and contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.