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Due Jul 4
Marly lives with her husband and his family in rural Guatemala. This is her first pregnancy, and Marly plans to give birth to child at home with the aid of a local midwife. Because of this, Marly w...

Dorcas Noemi

Due May 28
Dorcas lives in Guatemala's rural highlands with her husband and 4-year-old son. Dorcas' current pregnancy is considered high-risk because the last time she was pregnant Dorcas suffered from preecl...

Hilda Veronica

Due Jul 12
Hilda lives in a rural agricultural community with her husband and his family. She is excited to be a first time mom! She hopes that her baby is born healthy, grows well, and in the future, goes to...


Due Feb 8
Martina is a mother of four from Guatemala's rural western highlands. Martina has been pregnant seven times in her life, but unfortunately she has had two miscarriages and one of her children died ...

Wendy Magaly

Due Feb 23
Wendy lives with her husband in Guatemala's rural highlands. Wendy has had two pregnancies before this one—unfortunately, however, due to complications she suffered during the births, neither of We...

Maria Luisa

Due Apr 6
Maria lives in a secluded village in Guatemala's western highlands. She has three children, and this is her fourth pregnancy. Maria has suffered from complications of high blood pressure during thi...

Ana Silvia

Due Mar 24
Ana Silvia is a 38-year-old indigenous Guatemalan woman. She lives in Guatemala's rural western highlands with her husband and six children. Ana Silvia's husbands supports their family by working i...

Claudia Maria

Due Mar 3
Claudia lives in Guatemala's rural highlands. This is her third pregnancy—two years ago Claudia gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in her home with a traditional midwife. During her succeeding preg...