Prime Male Review: Why I LOVE Prime Male & What It’s Done For My Health


prime male reviews

Prime Male is one of the fastest growing brands in the world of testosterone boosters, but we’ve seen plenty of products come and go in the past and have become pretty numb to ‘hype’. You might’ve seen this product advertised on numerous blogs or YouTube channels claiming it to be one of the best test boosters out there – but is it actually legit? Can you really increase your testosterone levels substantially through the use of a product that is available online? After all, there’s a reason why traditional steroids are kept strictly illegal; though potent, they can be potentially harmful for the user. So what’s the deal with Prime Male?


Prime Male Review: Does This Stuff Actually Work As Advertised?

Before proceeding on any one of my reviews, I take some time out to see what others have said about it online so I can know what to expect. Based on my brief (but intensive) research, most people claim that they were able to feel the difference in their wellbeing within the first 2-3 weeks of using the product, and noted many positive benefits such as increased energy levels, improved mood, higher libido, and greater gains in the gym. Obviously these all sound nice and dandy but don’t mean much if the product doesn’t actually deliver on these promises.

However, after using Prime Male for about 8 weeks now, I can definitely confirm that those reviews I had read in the past were legit. Prime Male works and it works damn well; I’m surprised to see that some stuff like this hasn’t already been prohibited or even made illegal. Now, reading the ingredients list it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in there that can cause too much concern in regards to its level of safety or whatnot – but we all know that for whatever reason, the good stuff seems to always find a way to get restricted or banned.



How Does Prime Male Work?

Unlike traditional steroids or testosterone boosters which work via injection, Prime Male actually comes in tablet form. For most people out there, this is evidently far more preferable than using needles and makes the whole process of increasing your testosterone more convenient and simple. Does that mean that you can now go overboard and swallow 10 tablets in a row to make yourself superman? Of course not, but it does help when it comes to actually taking a dose. Prime Male is one of the revolutionary new steroid-like supplements out there that works completely independently from how steroids typically work.

Essentially, the tablets work by quickly metabolizing into the users bloodstream.  It is recommended that the user takes it 4 times per day to ensure efficient results. For best results, the four capsules should be taken at equal intervals. For instance, a person can take one before breakfast, the second one before having lunch, the third one before the evening snack, and finally, the last one before dinner.


Ingredients Of Prime Male Supplement

Like any testosterone boosting supplement worth its salt, Prime Male has a decent amount of potent ingredients which have been proven for years to be extremely effective at increasing levels of testosterone in men of all ages. These are just some of the ingredients that you can find in Prime Male:

  • D-Aspartic Acid

In combination with one another, there really is no product out there than can match the potency and quality of Prime Male due to its rich selection of ingredients, specifically D-Aspartic Acid. Their mixture is unlike any other we’ve tested and the only real competition for it has been Testogen. The really impressive thing about this product however is not its list of ingredients but rather the results it brings (and how quickly it brings them).



Results I Got From Using Prime Male: Review

prime male


1. Improved General Mood And Energy Levels

Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who naturally has very low levels of energy and I certainly wouldn’t say I started from a point of depression or weakness. However, I must admit that as a 49 year old man, I don’t quite have the same energy levels or happy-go-lucky mood that I once had in my teens and early twenties. I just accepted that as a part of life, we just lose our energy and vitality as we age. But after using Prime Male for a few good weeks, I’ve been waking up with a ton of energy that lasts throughout the day. I no longer feel groggy in the morning and it’s not as hard to get up from my bed, even in the dark. This is arguably the biggest benefit I’ve noticed from using this supplement and it honestly makes me feel like a whole new man.


2. Renewed Sex Drive And Libido

I don’t want to get too personal on here or my wife will not be too pleased, but I will just come out and say that my sex drive is significantly higher than it was just one month ago. I don’t know much about how other guys my age are doing in this avenue, but I would rarely even feel the desire or energy to get it on with my wife. At first I just assumed that this was yet another part of growing up and getting to that older stage of life, but I was wrong. Not only do I get to enjoy my sex drive, but I’ve also improved the confidence of my wife drastically. For a long time, she just assumed that she had become less attractive to me but that could not have been further from the truth, so Prime Male helped in that area as well. Obviously you can’t expect it to work right away but if you’re patient, you should start noticing that “morning wood” is becoming a regular thing in your life once more.


3. More Mental Clarity/Strength

This is something that isn’t mentioned as much as it should be when it comes to increasing your levels of testosterone which I honestly do not understand. Not only is my job easier to perform because of less brain fog, but I’ve also noticed that I’m a bit stronger mentally than I was in the past. Whether or not that’s due to Prime Male or just a placebo is up to a scientist to determine, but I’ve noticed that I’m no longer inconvenienced by life’s road bumps anymore and I’m falling asleep much easier. I spend less time worrying about my problems and more time actually doing the work to fix them. So if you’re someone that is suffering from anxiety and/or depression and you think that it has something to do with your testosterone levels, then you may want to check out Prime Male and see if it’s something that could help you get your mind right.


4. Weight Loss

A lot of us middle-aged guys struggle with weight gain once we reach a certain age. Part of it has to do with lifestyle and diet, but a big piece of the pie that is rarely mentioned is metabolism. The reason why it was so easy for most of us guys to stay skinny in our young days had a lot to do with a crazy high metabolism. Think of it this way: when you’re a teenager, your metabolism is a brand new McLaren sports car that can beat up on pretty much any track you give it. Burgers, pizza, and ice cream all within a 120 minute time-span? No problem, you might even weigh less the next day. However, as we become older and our testosterone levels plummet, this McLaren becomes your dads 1988 Honda Accord. Tries its best, but ultimately doesn’t even come close to what you had in the past.

Just by using Prime Male and not changing my workout regiment or lifestyle at all, I was able to lose 7 lbs in about a month, mostly belly fat. I suspect that by having a higher level of T, I’m just burning more calories throughout my day-to-day life and this has made weight loss a breeze.


5. Delays Aging

No one wants to get old but sadly, aging is an inevitable natural process. But just because the years have gone by doesn’t mean you have to look old.

You can still maintain a youthful look even with age thanks to the testosterone-boosting properties found in Prime Male.


Side Effects of Prime Male

Despite its natural formulation and effective action, Prime Male also has a few side effects. However, these are all mild effects that shouldn’t cause any problems.

Here are some of the most important side effects:

  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach


Why Do I Recommend Prime Male Over Other Products?

I’ve tried a decent amount of legal steroids and t-boosters from the internet and while a big chunk of them worked, only a few gave me measurable results. Prime male was one of those products that actually did something for me, and it did so in the shortest amount of time which is why I am giving it more praise. For me, there are essentially 3 things that I prioritize in supplements like these: effectiveness, lack of side effects, and speed. Prime Male’s product was the only one that I could confidently say “killed it” in all three categories and for that reason, I’ve ranked it above the rest for the time-being. The only downside is the cost, but there is a price to be paid for quality and great service. I will continue ordering it despite the price point.


Pros & Cons of Prime Male


  • It’s a naturally formulated testosterone booster that causes no side effects
  • Helps to enhance muscle mass and strength
  • Can help to control sugar levels in your blood
  • Improves libido and sexual performance
  • Elevates mood and keeps you properly motivated
  • You get a massive energy and stamina boost
  • Rapid fat loss through accelerated fat metabolism
  • Improves prostate and skin health
  • It has cognitive benefits


  • The results tend to vary a lot from one person to the next due to differences in diet and level of activity of each person
  • The money-back guarantee offered by the manufacturer may not apply to all people


Is Prime Male Worth the Price?

We would suggest that the value really depends on the package you choose. This is because you stand a chance of saving a lot of money if you go for a long three-month order than a single month one.

Besides, you will only get free shipping for two months of supply and above. So, if you are really interested in saving some money, we would advise that you purchase in bulk. And there is no risk here. Remember that you get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Even if somehow this product doesn’t deliver results, you can return your supply or the empty bottles and get fully refunded.

Do not let the price of this supplement get in the way of the benefits it has to offer. You will not find a better testosterone booster out there than this. Prime Male is worth every penny you spend on it.


Bottom Line: Prime Male Just Gets The Job Done

At the end of the day, if you’re someone that is reading up on testosterone enhancing products on the internet there’s probably just one thing you have in mind which is to actually boost your T and get tangible results. Surprisingly, many my readers don’t even care all that much about whether or not they’ll experience any side effects by using certain products which caught me off guard. Thankfully there are no side effects of any sort with this stuff which made me relax a little.

If you’re someone that just needs a higher T and you don’t want to go through the trouble of obtaining illegal and potentially harmful substances off of the streets, then this stuff might just be for you. If the pricing is too high, there are a few alternatives out there that provide *almost* the same results but at a much cheaper price – we wrote about it in our list of the best testosterone boosters for men over 50.