Inspired by the loving support of a traditional baby shower, Star Showers celebrates mothers-to-be around the world. Our goal is that one day every woman, everywhere, will be safe and protected before, during and after birth.

For the same amount you would spend on a baby shower gift such as a cuddly teddy bear or baby blanket, you can support our work so that women around the world are cared for during birth and so that every baby can be welcomed into a safe and clean environment. Make a difference by donating to Star Showers — and if you are giving in honor of a special mom-to-be in your life, you will receive a message about your donation to share with her.

Created by the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Star Showers brings together celebrities, brands and consumers for virtual and in-person baby showers celebrating and supporting moms everywhere. Healthy moms make a healthier world.