Best Online Casinos In Canada Reviewed: Real Money, Real Players (2021)


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Since online gambling is perfectly legal in Canada, thousands of casinos on the net are competing for the average Canadian gamblers’ attention every single day. Whether it’s to play bingo,slots, poker, or roulette – each one of these casinos is unique in their own way and each of them are vying for your investment of time and money into their platform. Although there are certainly a few shabby and unreliable online gambling sites that are advertised towards Canadians, a surprisingly large amount of such websites are actually offering a pretty decent product and because of this, the marketplace as a consumer is extremely competitive. Obviously, no single casino is the absolute best at everything and every game mode, but we’ve compiled a list here of what we believe to be the clear-cut winners in terms of playability, user experience, ease of use, versatility, and customer support.


Best Online Casinos For Canadians in 2021


1. Yukon Gold Casino 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

After years and years of relevance in the Canadian online gambling world, Yukon Gold somehow finds a way to remain among the top of the list. In fact we would even dare say that it is the very best out there right now. When taking into consideration their extremely generous signup bonus of 125 chances to win a massive jackpot (usually in the millions) and add that to their illustrious support, easy-to-use website, and overall enjoyability, it is easily considered one of the best by most industry experts, and in my humble opinion – the very best. Yukon Gold Casino is one of the first few casinos we have reviewed in the past and right from the get-go, it has been a favourite amongst our team. With more than 550+ games to choose from, loyalty rewards, and tens of thousands of real players every single day, it’s not hard to see why it is so beloved in the community and highly respected by avid gamblers. Blackjack, online video poker, jackpots, and other classic favourites are all easily found on their website and add to the total package that is Yukon Gold.



What We Like

As we’ve extensively covered in our review of this particular casino, the thing we like most about it is how it seems to cover all of the bases. For the most part there seemingly isn’t a single type of game mode or feature that is missing from this casino which leaves all users quite happy. To add to that, they have amazing coverage in regards to device compatibility, payout options, and customer support. These things have become a staple of Casino Rewards’ products and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. They are at the top for a reason and that is reason is that they cover all grounds and just do it better than the competition.


2. Zodiac Casino 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Not surprisingly, Zodiac Casino finds itself amongst the top of this list. Established in 2001, Zodiac is one of the true OG’s of online gambling in this country. Considering how much this spherehas changed over the last two decades, the fact that Zodiac casino has been able to keep up the way it has (and thrive) is truly a remarkable feat. They are still offering many of the classics that we grew to love years ago, but are also mixing it up and adding new and innovative games of slots, roulette, and progressive jackpots. Their signup bonus includes 80 chances to win a jackpot greater than $1,000,000 as well as a signup bonus of 100% of up to $100 CAD. Check them out here. In many ways they offer the same things that are offered by Yukon Gold, however they do some things slightly worse (and others slightly better). For starters, they are more keen to give new users free spins rather than what is typically given in the form of deposit bonuses. That’s not something we found much of an issue with, but it is something worthy of being mentioned and it is something we touched on in our review of Zodiac casino. Payment options won’t differ much from what you’re probably already used to.



What We Like

The best thing we can say about Zodiac Casino is that it is perhaps the most reliable casino out there. They may not always have the games you’re looking for or the bonuses you might desire, but there is very rarely a moment (if ever at all) in which Zodiac can’t deliver on what it advertises. Their servers have practically no downtime whatsoever, and customer support is among the fastest and most helpful. They are the perfect casino to visit on those days in which you can’t exactly figure out what branch of gambling you want to dabble into. Possibly the only hiccup you might experience with the platform is that they haven’t developed their mobile application yet, however their games can still be accessed through a mobile web browser. All in all, there is very little that can be said about Zodiac which paints their platform in a negative light.


3. PlayOJO Casino 4.9 out of 5.0 stars

PlayOJO was founded in 2017 and is one of the newest and best casinos in Canada right now, and it is certainly one of my personal favourites. You may have already seen many of theirtelevision commercials which they have been playing at a tremendous frequency throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. They are essentially offering many of the same things you would be able to find at other casinos, but they’re doing things bigger, better, and newer. The software they use seems to be significantly better than what Casino Rewards affiliates are using, although that is to be expected with a newer casino. From slots, roulette, to poker – they’ve got you covered. Out of respect to the other players we can’t quite put them at the top of the list, but they’re slowly and slowly creeping their way to the top of the list and many others agree with us that they are the casino of the future for Canadians.



What We Like

The best thing about PlayOJO is that they are the freest and most limitless casino out there, we’ve found. Everything is wager-free. There is no max win cap, and there are certainly no withdrawal limits. Everything is paid in cash. For these reasons and a few more, it is very safe to assume that PlayOJO will be a relevant casino in the Canadians scene for a very, very long time. The game variety is extensive and their customer support has been nothing short of fantastic (though we haven’t really needed to use their customer support since their platform is so easy to use).


4. Quatro Casino 4.8 out of 5.0 stars

This casino is certainly another old-school major player in this online gambling industry. However, although they are not as flashy as something like PlayOJO may be, they have still retainednearly all of the quality that they started out with many years ago. This is a casino that is heavy on slots and blackjack, like many others on this list. They have nearly perfected their system and have kept us coming back time after time because their games are just so enjoyable. They accept a plethora of payment methods for deposits including Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Check, iDebit, Instadebit, Instant banking, PaysafeCard, EcoPayz, UpayCard. The newest signup bonus includes 700 Free Spins For Your First 7 Days – visit this link to claim your bonus.



What We Like

Quatro casino is extremely secure and safe. That isn’t to say that there are many casinos out there that Canadians should be extra wary or fearful of, but it is definitely something to be mindful of. Quatro uses top-notch software and security features that makes it not only one of the most secure online casinos for Canadians, but rather one of the most secure online casino in the world. The games offered by Quatro Casino are all independently tested by the eCOGRA, which is a third-party testing agency responsible for ensuring that each game is secure and fair. This is something we have already touched on in our review of this casino, which you can read here.


5. Grand Mondial Casino 4.8 out of 5.0 stars

Grand Mondial is a casino that probably wouldn’t have been on this list a few years ago. However, through consistency they have climbed all the way into the top 5. Slot games like Tomb Raider,Mega Moolah, and Tarzan can easily be found on their platform, and they have all of the perks that any other major casino would have. However, there is still room for improvement to be made with Grand Mondial. I’m not sure if this is a global issue with their platform, but I was unable to access their casino. They do not have a mobile app and I was not able to properly login to their platform through a mobile web browser. This is a critical issue for me as I tend to do much of my gambling from my tablets nowadays, so if a casino isn’t offering mobile compatibility it can be a big issue for me. However, it still delivers on a lot of other aspects and for that reason we need to give it the respect it deserves and place it in the top 5 online casinos for Canadians.



What We Like

The game variety that is offered by Grand Mondial is just unreal. It really is remarkable to think and realize just how spoiled we are with this casino in terms of options. Progressive jackpots, video poker, and their esteemed mega vault millionaire are just some of the addictive games you can find on their site. The truth is that it’s difficult to get bored on any casino platform these days, but Grand Mondial makes it especially difficult to get bored of their casino. They have multiple variations of the same game modes with different rewards and bonuses. Not to mention – they offer a great sign up bonus of 150 chances to become a millionaire for just $10 Canadian. Sure, you may be able to find some online casinos for Canadians that offer even more generous bonuses; but the variety by GM Casino just can’t be beat by many competitors at the moment.


6. JackpotCity Casino 4.6 out of 5.0 stars

JackpotCity casino is a stellar place to do some online gambling if you’re a resident of Canada. Much like PlayOJO, they have been playing their commercials on TV for quite some time at apretty high frequency, so it is only natural that they have become one of the biggest players in the game in such a short period of time. In fact, their brand gets searched for approximately 135,000 times every single month, and that is just in Canada. That should tell you a little bit about just how massive this brand has become in our country. I would say that their customer support is second-to-none and the possibilities are endless with JackpotCity casino. There hasn’t been a single game mode I was unable to find, and I just love their user interface and how easy it is to withdraw my funds. The benefit to the newer casinos (or at least the newly updated casinos) is that they’re oftentimes much easier to use than the competition.



What We Like

JackpotCity casino has by far the best mobile application at the moment and makes online gaming the easiest for mobile users like myself. I personally see this as a huge benefit and would even place this particular casino higher on the list as I become more familiar with it. They advertise themselves as being the greatest online casino in Canada and I would say that is true, at least when it comes to mobile gaming. Registering is fairly easy and they offer a plethora of banking options.

From their website: JackpotCity utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure and maintain our secure banking facilities. Players can choose from a range of deposit and withdrawal options, including credit and debit cards, web wallets, and prepaid solutions. Interac is one of our top-rated debit card systems, ensuring hassle-free deposits and withdrawals, directly from your bank account.


7. Genesis Casino 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

reviewing genesis casino

Now, it is quite likely that this is a casino you have not heard of before, but that’s okay. We reviewed this casino previously which you can check out over here. This is once again an up-and-coming brand that is on the newer side so they may not have as much authority in the space. However, once you are able to see just how generous they are with their sign-up bonuses, you may reconsider your initial thoughts on what they have to offer. Just through visiting their homepage you can already see the dozens upon dozens of different game modes that they have to offer their users. Craps, blackjack, and immersive, live roulette are easily playable and accessible. Even though they have some room for improvement in the customer service department, they are still overall one of the best we’ve played moving into 2021. It is quite obvious to the team that this casino intends to stay in the Canadian marketplace and likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.



What We Like

Genesis is just easy to use. Easy to sign up, easy to deposit, easy to play, and easy to withdraw. You’d be surprised at just how many casinos make withdrawing your funds seem like a puzzle when depositing is a piece of cake. This is not one of those casinos that uses such shady practices and is considered entirely stable and secure. Much like others in the industry, they use standard SSL encryption to protect your details and ensure that your privacy comes first. Unfortunately their payment options are a little bit limited; at the moment the payment methods available are Visa, Mastercard, Interac, EcoPayz, and Jeton. Cryptocurrency has not become standard with online casinos, though we’d love to see it happen at some point.


8. Casino Classic 4.2 out of 5.0 stars

Last on our list we have the beloved Casino Classic. At a point in time, they were one of the leading casinos in the country (and many still consider it to be in that category) however I think it isalso fair to say that it has slightly fallen off in recent years. While other platforms are constantly expanding and improving their online infrastructure, Casino Classic has not quite stepped up to the plate. They are based in the EU though have no problems whatsoever serving Canadian clientele. They do offer a pretty nice sign-up gesture of a chance to win a massive jackpot with no deposit required, so be sure to get your hands on that.



What We Like

Even though many online Casinos in Canada have overtaken this brand in recent years, it is still highly respectable and I don’t see it falling off a cliff entirely. They are certainly trying to keep up lately, and I really enjoyed the fact that their site can be accessed through a mobile web browser, despite the fact that they don’t have their own dedicated app like JackpotCity. They still offer many of the traditional games you know and love so if you’re ever in need of a new casino, they might be the brand to take a look at!


What You Should Know About Online Gambling Sites in Canada

As Canadians, we should consider ourselves extremely fortunate to know that online gambling is entirely legal for those of us that have reached the age of majority in our given province. So, while our friendly neighbours down south aren’t allowed to sign up and gamble on any of the sites listed above (or any online casinos at all, except in certain regions of the US), we are granted that luxury. Like I Mentioned earlier – there are really a lot of choices to choose from in this space and it’s difficult to know which casinos are the best for you given the amount of choices we are presented with and how greatly they differ from one another.

The simplest method you can use to gain some insight into whether or not you might want to check out a Casino would be to claim the signup bonuses we have offered and check out the casinos for yourself. Seeing their games and offers is completely free, and some of them even offer signup bonuses without entering any billing information at all.

The most widely played and sought-after game modes on these online casinos are generally always going to be some variation of slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker. However, it is important to note that these are not the only games available online and each respective casino is offering their own original games that you cannot find elsewhere; there are often dozens such games and game modes to play. Even if you want to skip ahead to what you are already familiar with, we certainly recommend checking out some of the games you haven’t previously heard of as many of them are really quite enjoyable and offer some great rewards!


Which Are The Best Games To Play At Online Casinos?

Obviously a lot of what goes into this decision will depend on what you personally prefer, but if you’re planning on sticking to the classics, then I definitely recommend scoping out the slots games that are available on sites such as Yukon Gold and PlayOJO. They have seemingly perfected these game modes and many gamblers have even claimed that the games at these online casinos are more enjoyable and favour the gambler more than the real casinos you may find in certain parts of Canada.

Online video poker is also loads of fun and it is something I highly recommend trying at least once. It may not be quite what you’d initially expect if you’ve done online poker before, but for the most part – it is an improvement. Evidently, poker is not the most popular game mode to play at online casinos in Canada but they do hold their own and have a respectable piece of the pie.


How Do Online Casinos Work?

In an almost identical way that real casinos work except online gambling comes with a few extra perks! Instead of playing against a live dealer (as you would in blackjack, for example) you’d be playing against their algorithm that gives you the exact same odds you would have in real life, more or less. The same thing can be said for slots – and slots are arguably way more fun to play in the comfort of your own home rather than in a public casino. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of raking in cash in their PJ’s at their own leisure, at whatever hour they choose? It is truly a remarkable feat.

As for player-versus-player game modes go – you will be playing against other online gamblers that are using the same platform, many of which are also in the comfort of their own home. Whether or not you play against other Canadians or internationally with European or Australian residents depends on the casino, but for the most part games are international and you would not be playing against Canadians exclusively.

The reason that people love online gambling more than in-person gambling can be attributed to the fact that it is just so much more comfortable and convenient to do while keeping the rush all the same. Sure, there is an atmosphere factor that comes with gambling in person and there will always be refreshments, food, and eye-candy; but for those of us that like to spend a relaxing day indoors, online casinos in Canada are a fantastic option that we have at our disposal.

The great thing about all of the casinos we have mentioned is that they pretty much all offer a signup bonus of some sort (or free spins, as is the case with Zodiac). Whether it be a free spins type of deal or they offer you a direct % of your first deposit back to play with, these casinos like to take care of their brand new customers to make sure that they will have a great relationship with their clients moving into the future.


Bottom Line: The Best Online Casinos in Canada Are Competitive

We Canadians are confronted with a great problem to have. We have just so many terrific options to select from in this realm that oftentimes we can be stuck, not knowing which is the best of the best. Also known as “paralysis by analysis”. The casinos we’ve compiled on the list above are what we think are the clear cut winners in this race. Sure, there are many others that we haven’t mentioned here but that is for good reason – some online casinos really do have some bad qualities such as poor customer support, limited depositing methods, inactive games, and lack of competition on the website to play with.

This is your hard-earned money we’re talking about here, and you wouldn’t want to deposit this cash on a low-quality site. For this reason it is very important that our readers do their due diligence on each casino they’re thinking about investing their time and money with, if they do not choose to play on any of the 5 online casinos we’ve mentioned above.

Unfortunately, it is not easy at all to tell which online casinos are bad in terms of quality just by looking at their homepage or learning by trying. Many of these brands have beautifully designed websites but behind all of it is a terrible management team. The best way to find out more information about a given casino is to do your own digging and searching online for reviews by other customers who went through the same thing, so you don’t have to.